Trails and Tensions


Non-compositional gestures, blacks or whites, leave marks, form movement streams, drag the scarce and fluid paint through the work support, almost as an impression.

Gesture abstraction gets to an apparent repetition. Apparent, because it is never quite the same. It carries the imprecision of brushstrokes, however controlled on verticality, horizontality, parallelism. Sometimes it suggests fantasized interpretations of nocturnal landscapes.

Black is always present, although it is possible to notice tone variations from light reflection, when contrasting matte and glossy, or when color overlays absolute black.

There is also the search for light in the black darkness, when colored areas appear in the painting as if breaking the silence in the black.

Sonia Wysard

( June/2013 )

RASTRO II / TRAIL II Acrílica sobre tela / Acrylic on canvas 65x110cm (2010)