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PASSAGE, one of the latest projects thought by the artist Sonia Wysard, is an installation composed of large dimension paintings.

The vestiges of gestures present in Sonia’s painting frequently transport us to landscape images or indefinite spaces covered by translucent color, creating subtle tensions in the abstract pictorial field of each of her works. Such subtle internal tensions are also respectively reflected outside of the works, when in a more imposing scale they are irremediably confronted to the body of its observer, that is, a two-dimensional language that plays with the tridimensional view of the world in which the painting is installed and the infinite internal dimensions of who observes it.

The pictorial installation Passage thus induces movement to the sight and some changes in the subject’s perception, involving not only visual, but also mental and corporal displacement. This situation proposed herein, when relating the works through space, leverages intrinsic plastic possibilities of each one of the works and, consequently, of its ensemble with the environment, making the perception even more emphatic, hence intensifying and amplifying the main conductive thread present in Sonia’s poetic language: to directly challenge the limits of sight.

Cristiane Geraldelli

( February/2020 )

Curatorial text of the Sonia Wysard’s individual exhibition: PASSAGEM, held at Museu de Arte de Blumenau MAB in March/2020.

PASSAGEM Instalação Pictórica / PASSAGE Pictorial Installation – Museu de Arte de Blumenau – MAB (2020)