The individual exhibition Visible Limit by Sonia Wysard contemplates a panorama of the last 10 years of work by the painter, where the gesture and the subtle tensions between the choice of certain colors and their precise or imprecise overlapping, revealing the conductive thread of her artistic language: the presential challenge of sight limits.

Starting from a strict geometrical intention, through defined procedures and controlled, however naturally, inexact gesture operations, Sonia Wysard proposes an instigating and indefinable visual game, which takes place in the encounter of geometry and chance, therefore creating ambiguous and uncertain images between the figure and background, surface and depth, and chiaroscuro.

Her paintings, although conceived using traditional paints, supports and instruments, go beyond the modern desire of creating an ideal and autonomous abstract world; but above all, must be contemplated from the expanded painting idea. Inheriting the pictorial understanding of Abstractionism and spatial understanding of Minimal Art. Sonia Wysard installs her large canvases in the space as devices-landscapes to trigger a particular sensorial and temporal perceptive immersion. This internal pictorial tension gets even greater where the painting is confronted with our body in a real scale, fusing into a subjective and unique dialogue, the spectator, the place and the work.

It is not easy at all to affront the unwearying works of this artist, once they tend to the silence, to the slow fading/reveal of images, generating a great visual indefiniteness . . . this ambiguous visible limit, which in the speed of our time demands persistence, and may go unnoticed and specially uninteresting. The Sonia Wysard’s decision of going through this path is very brave, reaffirming something extremely important: Painting is a living and open language that in each new situation activates new relations and new reactions from presence, look and sense.

Cristiane Geraldelli

( August/2018 )

Cristiane Geraldelli is an artist and Visual Arts researcher. This text was written for the individual exhibition VISIBLE LIMIT by Sonia Wysard, held at Galeria de Arte UFF in September/October 2018.

VISIBLE LIMIT at Galeria de Arte UFF (2018)