Triptychs / Acrylic on paper


From the dive into the complete darkness, so that after we can emerge through the reflection of light… or night walks through small sections of paint on paper. NOCTURNALS are small-formats exercises of an artist who considers visual and mental movement in the pictorial space.

Black, as usual is present in the works of Sonia Wysard, leaving its marks thus lining possible color fields and spaces, which are veiled by fluid layers of translucent and intense blue. Such blue insists in covering practically all the work surface, however not erasing what was created by a decisive black brushstroke. Blue merges with black, forming a space that is not plain and flat, but incites the spectator to think about the depth. Maybe a depth that is more virtual and broader than the matter itself could have foreseen.

Luminosity that rips the pitch dark, initially lost when darkening the white paper through the gesture of painting in black (almost a graphic writing), returns through a color filter, playing with opacities and transparencies of the materials used.

NOCTURNALS allow us to enter and exit, on a even more mental scale, because they are smaller works and therefore are more intimate to the human sight. The speed depends on each person`s time, and how much they let themselves get lost and notice the spatial discourse proposed.

Each triptych thus works as a meeting of these isolated small movements, constructing a visual path chosen by the artist and then suggested to the spectator, parts of a unique, repetitive process which is never quite the same.


Cristiane Geraldelli


Cristiane Geraldelli is an artist and researcher in Visual Arts. This text was written for the series NOCTURNALS in June 2017.

NOTURNOS I / NOCTURNALS I Tríptico/Triptych Acrílica sobre papel/Acrylic on paper 45x125.7cm 29.7x42cm cada/each (2017)